People Portraits

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Small Shops portfolioBritain was once described as a “nation of shopkeepers”, but it is a sad fact that as the Supermarkets take over the small independent, often family runs shops are rapidly disappearing from our high streets.
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People Portraits portfolioPortraits of interesting people, some working, some resting.
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The Lambing portfolioSeries of photos documenting the birth of two lambs on a hill farm in the Scottish Borders.
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New Lanark Mill portfolioNew Lanark World Heritage Site is a restored 18th century cotton mill village in Southern Scotland, close to the Falls of Clyde between Edinburgh and Glasgow. The mill at New Lanark has the facilities to spin and manufacture organic woollen yarns which are ideal for both machine and hand knitting.
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Woodmen portfolioLocal woodmen preparing wood for local solid fuel fires
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Christmas at New Cample portfolioFarmer Michael Keene at work in the snow at New Cample Farm, Christmas Eve 2009.

New Cample Farm Website
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Black & White portfolioA selection of images taken using a medium format film camera.
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Shop That Time Forgot portfolioIn this day and age of convenience shopping in large discount superstores, we often forget the older shops were a customer is still valued and not just a number on a spreadsheet.

Join me as I take a journey to find these shops, starting with my local hardware shop which has been in the same family since 1929 and where you can still buy things marked in shillings and pence.
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Worlds Smallest Tyreshop portfolioWith its earthen floor and old fashioned equipment, Morton's isn't KwikFit, but it is quite possibly the Smallest Tyre Shop in the World. Based in the lean to at the back of Morton s auto parts business , its a place where the job is done right first time. I'm not trying to imply that the larger automotive tyre and exhaust places are any worse, but I'm spent hours in those places, where you're just a number. Morton seems to know his customers by nothing more than their first names. The shop is a small microcosm, people came in to buy parts, have tyres changed or just to chat. The lady running the Cafe next door brought a mug of hot soup and left it on the counter asking me to tell Morton it was there, a short while after a man with an Irish lilt turned up trying to sell Morton some secondhand hand tyres. Morton was having none of it, explaining to the seller that he didn't know the history of his tyres and he wouldn't risk his customers safety. The Irishman left muttering something about trying ebay!
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Allotment Faces portfolioFaces of the Allotments
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Hurkledale Diary Farmer portfolio
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Sports Portraits portfolio
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Location Portraits portfolio
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Wheels & Faces portfolio
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Rural Life portfolio
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Studio Portraits portfolio
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Living History portfolio