Sports/Action Photography

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Motorcycles portfolioImages of motorcycles and related items.
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Sports/Action Images portfolio
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Flyfishing Photography portfolio
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Thornhill Scramble 2008 portfolioBecause there were more images than I can store on this website, most of the images from the Scramble have been put on my secondary overflow website at
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Kippford RNLI Lifeboat portfolioKippford RNLI Lifeboat photographed off the beach at Rockliffe on the Solway Coast.
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Shearing Competition portfolioSouth of Scotland Shearing Competition 2009
Barony College, Dumfries
14th June 2009
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Thornhill Scramble 2009 portfolioPhotos from annual vintage motorbike scramble
Prints for sale
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Hammer Throwing portfolio
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Rudge Motorcycle Restoration portfolioPhotostroy showing the restoration of 1938 Rudge Special Motorcycle from a box of rusty parts to roadworthy condition.
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The Motorcycle Scramble portfolioOnce a year, not far from Thornhill in Southwest Scotland, the hills reverberate to the sound of motorcycle engines for 48 hours as the annual vintage motorcycle scramble takes place. Run by the Scottish Classic Racing Motorcycle Club, its a real friendly event, run by great people with people travellling from across country to take part.